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Safety Equipment

Escape™ Desalinator—with its unique EfficientSea™ Energy Transfer technology—brings efficient, compact, quiet watermaking to small and midsize sail or power boats. The unit’s Energy Transfer Device eliminates the need for a high-pressure pump, reducing the electricity consumption of the R.O. system by as much as 75%.* The R.O. process is achieved by recovering energy from the pressurized brine discharge and transferring that energy to relatively low-pressurized feed water. An ingeniously designed manifold and a two-valve flow control system deliver smooth, constant, fault-free automatic operation at a single touch of a button with no valves to adjust.

Lifejacket Sigma
Lifejacket Alpha
Inflatable Lifejacket
Lifejacket Omega
Advanced Lifejacket
Horseshoe Lifebuoy
Lifebuoy Ring SOLAS
Encapsulated Life Buoy
Immersion Suit
Vita, Lifejacket
Hammar Hydrostatic
Auto re-arm
LED Flashing Light
Liferaft SOLAS OCEANO, Davit-Launched
Liferaft SOLAS OCEANO, Throw Over-board