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Safety Equipment

    We are very specialized company in supplying marine safety equipment . All safety items avaliable in our stock & ready for delivery in 24 hours anywhere. We have safety equipment: Solas aproved or CE aproved or USCG aproved or loacle made products. All our equipment used for oversea used or coastal ussel survival use. Our creed in safety equipment is in two words : "Safety at sea"
    Folding Adult's Lifejacket
    Inflatable Lifejacket
    Adult's & Child Lifejacket
    Horseshoe Lifebuoy
    Horseshoe Lifebuoy
    lifebuoy ring
    Inflatable Flag
    Lifebuoy Light M.O.B
    Firefly 3 Rescue Strobe Light
    C-Strobe with C - Clip
    Recreational strobe and flashlight combo
    RapidFire Strobe
    Bracket Mounting Instructions
    Night Visual Distress Signal