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  • Equipments
    Express the brand & and company image with product only. Dolphin Marine company has more...

  • Lifeboat Services
    We are proud to present that we are authorized service station for the following lifeboat launching more..

  • Other Services
    Supply of raw ext. Material : dry powder - foam - co2 - wet chemical more..

1. Survey and maintenance of fire extinguishers & fire detection equipment and systems on ships and mobile offshore units.We are proud to present that we can offer some sub-services like: A: Fixed Extinguishing System * Dry chemical powder extinguishing systems.
* fixed co2 fire extinguishing systems
High pressure systems
Low pressure systems
* foam extinguishing systems
High expansion foam extinguishing systems
Deck foam extinguishing systems

B: Portable fire extinguishers with all types and capacity* Dry chemical powder fire extinguishers
    1- Internal saved pressure
    2- External pressure
* Foam fire extinguishers
    1- Chemical foam AB
    2- Mechanical foam with all types of foam concentrates
    3- Portable foam applicators with all types of foam concentrate
* Co2 Fire extinguishers
* Water fire extinguishers

2. Survey and maintenance of self contained breathing apparatus:
Self compressed air breathing apparatus (SCBA)
Emergency escape breathing device
Medical oxygen cylinders and systems
Lifeboats air cylinders