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Fleet Service

    WHAT IS A FLEET SERVICE AGREEMENT?Dolphin Marine'S FLEET SERVICE AGREEMENT is a custom made package for ship owners and operators. It delivers fleet-wide, cost effective for your lifesaving equipments. This includes inspections, planning and genuine spare parts.

    WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF USING A FLEET SERVICE AGREEMENT?• All lifeboats and davit systems in your fleet are looked after by one of the world's largest service network – you save time and money letting Dolphin Marine keep track of service due dates and maintenance planning, giving you an early notice of work needed to be done.
    • Multibrand services – you only deal with one company, as we will organize the service for all brands.
    • A single point of contract for all lifeboat and davit matters – reducing your workload and ensuring your peace of mind.
    • Fixed prices for annual and 5 years services in key ports defined by you – letting benefit from predictable costs.
    • Discounts on genuine spare parts – saving you money, assuring you get the right part for the right price.
    • Online access to our SHIELD DATABASE. You can see the status of your lifeboats and davits, download service reports, and access drawings, manuals and up to date information on servicing.
    • Compliance with the ISM code requirements, latest SOLAS regulations and MSC guidelines –our professional staff ensure that you are always in compliance, reducing the possibility of delay or detention.

    WHY SHOULD I CHOOSE A FLEET SERVICE AGREEMENT, RATER THAN AD-HOC SERVICE?A Fleet service agreement will save your both time and money. It includes a fixed price on working hours for 1 and 5 years inspections, overtime work related to 1 and 5 years inspections, travel costs (including sending of equipment) and certifications. It also included notifications on when inspections are required and you are guaranteed access to standard spare parts when needed for your specific job.