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    Escape™ Desalinator—with its unique EfficientSea™ Energy Transfer technology—brings efficient, compact, quiet watermaking to small and midsize sail or power boats. The unit's Energy Transfer Device eliminates the need for a high-pressure pump, reducing the electricity consumption of the R.O. system by as much as 75%.* The R.O. process is achieved by recovering energy from the pressurized brine discharge and transferring that energy to relatively low-pressurized feed water. An ingeniously designed manifold and a two-valve flow control system deliver smooth, constant, fault-free automatic operation at a single touch of a button with no valves to adjust.
    Seafari Escape Modular SEM
    SECSeafari Escape Compact
    Seafari Contained SFC
    Seafari Modular SFM
    Seafari Mini
    Horizon Coral Sea