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    We Supply Most Size of Anchor-Chain from Dia 12.5 Mm Up To Dia 137 Mm Always in Stock. Also A Large Stock of Accessories like Kenter-Shackles and Swivels for All Our Chain. Quick Delivery and Reasonable Prices Can Be Offered. We Keep Anchors in Stock from the Smallest Of 5 Kgs Up to Large Anchors at 20 Tonnes. Studless Mooring-Chain From Dia 10 Mm Up To Dia 40 mm In Grade 2 And Alloy-Chain Grade 80 In Size From Dia 10 Mm To Dia 30 Mm. Brand New Anchor-Chain Dia 76 Mm And 82.55 Grade ORQ Ready For Delivery.
    Conventional Anchors
    Hall Spek Union
    High Holding Power Anchors
    Ac-14 Stokes Pool TW
    Offshore Anchors
    Bruce SS Bruce TS Flipper Delta
    Chain Accessories
    Mooring Chain Studless Anchor Chain Studlink Anchor Chain
    Kenter Joining Shackles